As you all know it well, usually, when we have some kind of a face-off between such legendary muscle beasts like the Chevy Corvette and the Ford Mustang, a pull-off battle is not the first things that comes to our mind, wouldn`t you agree? In most cases, we see these two awesome and iconic American muscles showing off their speed in a drag race, rather than something like this. When the term `tug of war` is applied for vehicles, we are usually expecting to see two powerful and big pickup trucks, raising hell and creating clouds of smoke as they are pulling one another. But, you know what they say?! Different strokes, for different folks! And I guess this is what makes the owners of that fine Ford Mustang GT and the C5 Corvette Z06, happy and fulfilled – a Chevy vs Ford tug of war!

So, this means that we have one unusual situation to watch, as this great looking pair starts producing huge clouds of white smokes with their rear tires and forcing their engines to scream loud.

However, I won`t be a spoiler and tell you the outcome of their hardcore pull-off battle, so you better check out the video clip below and have a look at it yourself! You don’t see a Chevy vs Ford tug of war every day! And if you want to see another tug of war, between two huge monster trucks, go to this link.