2015 FORD MUSTANG GT, Customized Into A MUSTANG RTR!

Regardless of the fact that some may argue that the Need For Speed videogame is only for kids and Wanna-be-Gearheads, and not for the one who had really felt the thrill and the pleasure of being behind the wheel of a real Detroit muscle monster like the Ford Mustang, it is a fact that most of us are feeling the adrenaline rush when we see the cars from it in action! I`ll try to make it clear right from the start, that I`m also not some big fan of the video games, including Need For Speed, and of course, I would never compare it with the adrenaline rush filled action from the real life. But the fact of the matter is that these games are based on real cars, real builds and allow its creators to show us off some truly amazing versions of our favorite cars. Even more, these latest versions allow the gamer to customize his ride according to his own taste. Just like in the case of the following video that we have prepared for you today. It is a clip that will present us the incredible Ford Mustang GT from 2015 Need For Speed and give us a pretty good visual demonstration (as well as narrative) how they have customized it into a Ford Mustang RTR version, which looks totally amazing and very powerful! And of course, there`s the wild ride on the streets.

I`m pretty sure that many of you already know well what I`m talking about and are pretty familiar with this great `Stang that you are about to see. So I if you are intrigued to see this great custom example of Ford Mustang and hear some interesting details about it, take a look at the video and enjoy the following seven minutes!

However, if you want to find out something more about the real deal, and learn interesting facts about the 2015 Ford Mustang RTR, go to this link.