Chevy Silverado Truck Bed Withstands One Hell Of A Challenge! Ford F 150 – Not So Much! GM Trolling Ford!

When it comes to the most dependable and longest lasting full size pickups on the road, the Chevy Silverado may be the first one that comes to your mind. And that is not accidental! However, the F-Series goes somewhere up top as well. Now, we don`t know if you are going to agree with this video. It really comes down to whether you are a Chevy or a Ford guy. In this video, we can see GM trolling Ford hard! GM puts their Chevy Silverado truck bed endurance on test against the Ford F-150 bed!

The guy narrating this video is Howie Long! The guy who most of us know as a former NFL defense player/actor! Howie Long meets up with Eric Stanczak, who is one of the chief engineers at Chevrolet! Eric Stanczak tells us in this video that the bed of the truck is one of the most important things because it takes all the abuse. Long and Stanczak then point out that the Chevy Silverado bed is made out of high strength steel while the Ford F-150 bed is made out of aluminum!

The next test is the main course. They test out the endurance on each of the beds by dumping bricks on them! In the aftermath, we can see the Chevy Silverado truck bed a bit banged up, but still fine! When they show the bed of the Ford F 150, things don`t look that bright! Up to 5 cracks can be noticed on the bed of the Ford truck!
The next test is done by throwing a heavy toolbox into each of the beds. The Ford F-150 bed ends up with a crack, while the Chevy Silverado bed only gets a dent!

As we said, this is only an ad by Chevy! Ford maybe takes in mind that no one would load up their truck`s bed like this? And that is why they go with aluminum, to make the truck lighter. Your thoughts?

Finally, take a look at things from a different angle, how Ford destroys Chevy!