You believe in magic? Well, you should, or, at least you will after seeing this video where you will see how to turn things from Styrofoam to real, solid aluminum metal! Yeah, you heard it right. Styrofoam into solid aluminum! The process is quite simple, and all you lack right know is knowledge to figure it out, but it will all get much simpler after this footage! Of course, you figured out by now it`s not magic, but it seems like one! So let`s start shell we?

First you have to get the materials needed for this action. Go to the dollar store and get some foam board and peel the paper layers off the top and the bottom. Next, draw or print a picture of the object you want to turn into metal! Your pictures will be the guide to cut the foam board into individual pieces! The guy in the video cut and glued his pieces into a very cool Styrofoam pistol! It already looks cool the way it is! But to turn your Styrofoam into solid aluminum you`ll need some play sand.

Now that you have your object, pour a little bit of that sand into a 5 gallon bucket. Before placing your Styrofoam into the bucket, make a thick foam riser somewhere on the side. After that is done, put your Styrofoam piece inside but make sure to stand upright. Then add sand till you reach the top! However, when you are adding the sand, make sure the foam riser is poking up out of the center. This is really important! It would also be a good thing to spritz some water and moisten the top of the bucket. That way you can build a volcano around the foam riser to act as a funnel leading down to the Styrofoam. That`s it for now, check out the video to see how magic is done in just 2 minutes!

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