Well, I`m not really a hundred percent sure that it is a Thai demonstration, or perhaps it could also be a Chinese, Korean, or some of their other Asian `cousins`, who are known for using their brains to get themselves out of any trouble. The reason for that is because we do not have any information about the video that we are going to show you, and could not find anything on English. But the fact of the matter is that we think that it is pretty interesting and deserves our attention anyway!

Just as you could have read in the title, what you are about to see is a pretty clever demonstration on how to get out your SUV, or a pickup truck, or any other vehicle, in a case you got stuck into a sand hole. I know that when it comes to home ground, most of the times, the powerful diesel trucks are getting stuck in a bounty hole, but, you never know.

I will not try to tell you myself how are they doing it, but will only suggest that they are using the regular tools we have, only in a little bit different manner. So check out the Thai demonstration and see what I`m talking about!

And for those of you who have the habit of driving your car on the sand beaches, go to this link and get a few good advices that you may very well find useful!