BMW X6 Becomes A HULK CAR Car By Pouring WATER!

Imagine yourself driving your car on a hot, sunny day and there is one seemingly regular BMW X6 behind you. All of a sudden, it starts raining, and when you look into your rearview mirror you do not see the blue SUV, yet a section of HULK`s angry green face! Now that can be disturbing! You are probably going to wonder where the heck this monster showed up from.


Well, the answer lies in the video below. We must admit that this is one of the most original paintjobs we have ever seen! This BMW X6 is like a chameleon, because of its ability to change its color and turn into an incredible Hulk car!

We decided to go with such an introduction because in order to make your car look like (in this case) Hulk in a blink of an eye, you need a heat sensitive paint. So, nobody on Earth would pour hot water on the car while in motion. That`s why we assume that if the body is hot enough, an immediate rain would do the trick. According to us, the paintjob has to be able to perform like that, because all the money spent will go in vain. The guy in the video is using hot water to achieve the effect because it is more than obvious that the weather conditions are not suitable for increasing the vehicle`s temperature.

However, we still think it is absolutely genius! It might need certain weather conditions in order to be seen, but it is still one of the most original paintjobs ever! The ability of this blue BMW X6 to turn into an incredible Hulk car in the blink of an eye is jaw-dropping! This is why we decided to share this video, so you can see the magic right here!

At last, follow this link for more examples of cars with heat-sensitive color-changing paint job!