Watch This CHEVY PICKUP Trying To Get Through A Very Deep Mud Hole!

Not all roads are perfect. Yes, most of us probably enjoy cruising on the highway, on perfectly flat roadways without a hole in sight, but that doesn`t happen all the time. Sometimes, to get to our destination, we have to go off the road! And we all know that an off road drive can be really tough! And that is exactly what this video proves! The star of this video is a classic Chevy pickup truck that tries to get through a very deep mudhole! And what makes things even more interesting, is the fact that this is definitely not an ordinary pickup truck!

This one has its bed removed and also has full size monster truck tires! That is right, 66 inch tires on this small pickup truck! But apparently, not even the tires can help this poor little pickup truck get through this mud hole easily!

As we can see in the video, the Chevy still struggles to overcome this dirty obstacle. But the driver is stubborn, and somehow manages to travel a few yards. Also, you can notice that one of the wheels is spinning faster, which might be the problem as to why it can`t get through this hole of mud. We sure do hope that the owner of this classic pickup truck installs a solid locker in the front!

The locker might help him tackle this nightmare road with relative ease the next time he thinks about going through it! But who knows, the owner might be doing this for fun! And it sure does look like a lot of fun, we are certain of that! Anyway, watch this video of an old Chevy pickup truck with 66 inch monster truck tires struggling in a mud hole and enjoy!

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