I have no doubts that I have said this before, but nevertheless, when it comes to such muscle beauties, that makes a man feel his knees trembling from the very moment he just sets his eyes on it, I will say it again. There are great muscle cars, and there are specimens that are simply iconic and totally out-of-this-world Detroit muscles! And I believe that you will agree with me that the following 1967 Plymouth Hurst Barracuda is from the latter category.

I guess that some of you who are following the situation in the American muscle car production on a closer basis, know well that the Plymouth`s departure from the scene was not sparkling and in a style of a big Detroit high roller. They have ended their `life`, mainly producing some re-badged variants of the other Chrysler cars, till the very moments they shut down the assembly line in 2001.

But I`m sure that some of the older car connoisseurs remember quite well that back in the days, Plymouth was producing some of the most desirable Detroit muscles of its time. And a product and a muscle example that marks that time and period in the best possible way, is what Jay Leno is introducing to his viewers in this video installment.

The car that will make many of you start feeling the blood pumping on a higher level is the 1967 Plymouth Hurst Barracuda. But this is not just any `Cuda, but a highly customized specimen, a product of the Hurst team, that was part of the SEMA Show, two years ago. It is a real perfection, with a redone 408 cubic inch small-block motor, which includes forged internal components and NDX heads, that helps it deliver 500 horse and torque power!

There is a lot more to this jaw-dropping muscle beauty, but I will leave it to you, to find out about it while watching the video below. So check it out and enjoy it fellows! And for those of you who want to learn more about the `67 Plymouth `Cuda, click here.