DIY Tutorial: Five Lug Conversion on Your Vehicle!

Lug conversion can be easily done if you follow these instructions!

DIY Tutorial Five Lug Conversion vehicle car truck 1

Modifying or changing our car parts is not something uncommon. We do that all the time; though we sometimes have to take the car to the mechanics hence it might be somewhat complicated. Have you ever considered making a lug conversion and going from 4 lugs to 5? You might have and probably thought that it might be very complicated and you had to spend hundreds of dollars at the mechanics.

People often change them because 5 lugs are more common and you can choose from a variety of set of wheels.

The following video might be the perfect solution as we take a look at a complete and detailed tutorial on how to DIY your lug conversion. First of all you have to get the 5 lug set.

Then you put the car on jack stands and take the tires off. Then in order to get to the hub, you need to remove the dust cover that can be easily popped off and so we could have access to the spindle knot.

After the spindle knot is removed we can take the brakes off and the hub should come right off. Hand the caliper onto the suspension so we not cause any damage to it. The 4 lug hub and wheel bearing should now slide easily.

Then wash the place with brake cleaner and set the new 5 lug hub into place. Put the washers back and screw back the spindle knot. It should not be a problem. Check the video for more and see how this lug conversion tutorial ends!

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