BJ Baldwin Hits Cuba With His 850HP Trophy Toyota Tundra Truck! Watch The Suspension At Work!

I don`t know how this was agreed to, but who cares, it`s awesome! BJ Baldwin was in the crib with some guys when he got a message about a party in Havana so he decided to go on a Cuban adventure and drive his 850 HP Toyota Tundra truck right to the party! He slams his foot on the gas and takes off through rural parts of Cuba and then through the wilderness. It`s incredible how he handles the rough terrain, often not even slowing down to negotiate some obstacles, such as bushes or rough terrain.

It`s obvious he`s a pro and you can see that when he drives through the forest and when he gets awesome hang time after rushing up hills and bumps on the road. His Trophy Toyota Tundra truck has amazing suspension and the ride inside looks so smooth for what he`s doing! You can really feel how this adventure goes down when he blasts right through a bonfire in slow-motion and has a few cameras to capture that from all angles, including one right behind his helmet. In the video, you will also witness the biggest residential jump ever done with a trophy truck -- a 191 foot flight! Finally, BJ Baldwin makes it on time for the party and seems to behave like this is a normal day. It may be normal for him, but for us it`s one of the most awesome things we`ve ever seen!

To read the specs of BJ Baldwin’s Trophy Toyota Tundra truck, follow this link.