Is This Possible?! Extraordinary Powerful Guy Is Pulling Trucks Such As Ford F-150 & Toyota Tundra As Part Of His Workout!

This video is for all of you gym buffs. We have a guy here that could give the Mountain from “Game of Thrones” a run for his money, probably! While lifting heavy weights, he is pulling trucks at the same time! A very powerful routine indeed.

The road must be very long in order for one to achieve this type of a workout routine. Pulling trucks is no joke. He must`ve conquered and perfected tons of other extreme exercises in order to be able to pull trucks. Prior to pulling trucks he must`ve perfected lifting heavy truck tires and sand bags before building explosiveness so he could be able to be pulling trucks like he does in the video!

This video is filmed at Knockout Zone which is a training facility in Miami. It looks like this training facility is producing super humans! The first truck this guy pulls while lifting heavy weights is a Ford F-150. And the Ford F-150 truck, as we all know, is a pretty heavy truck. It weighs around 5000 lbs! The Ford F-150 is one of the best towing trucks ever. But, this time, the V6 Ford F-150 truck itself, is being towed by this super human for a change!

Up next, this vigorous dude is pulling a Toyota Tundra. But, because pulling a Toyota Tundra alone isn`t enough, this guy has 415 lbs of weights on his shoulders! Just like the Ford F-150 the Toyota Tundra also weighs around 5000 lbs! And like the Ford F-150, the Tundra also has excellent towing capabilities. With a V8 engine it has towing rates at 10,500 pounds! However, just like with the F-150, the attractive Tundra, instead of being used for towing, is used to be towed by this super human at Knockout Zone training facility.

For this guy, carrying all of his groceries home up in one trip is not a problem. Hell, this guy can even bring his house to the grocery store! But, all jokes aside, for all of you gym buffs, does this video make you stepping your game up a little bit?

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