Superhuman Strength Or Just A Funny Construction Worker? Excellent Sense Of Humor!

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. This line was said by the famous Chinese philosopher Confucius centuries ago, and still holds value to this day. It is especially true for this funny construction worker! He either has superhuman strength or an excellent sense of humor!

Regardless what is true, we`ll leave it to you to decide after watching the video! Working with this individual must be quite a thrill, given the fact that the makes videos such as this one! Here he is shown bench pressing a digger without any trouble at all! Hearing his “trainer“ shout makes this whole joke even funnier! One can only wonder how much fun these guys can have if they come up with something like this while doing their job.

The funny construction worker goes under the excavator and miraculously, starts lifting it in the air! After doing 3 presses, he is seemingly done, but then his “trainer” asks for one more! He does it without a thought and with that, his training session is done! The whole routine is a joke however, as the operator can be clearly seen inside the excavator. The operator puts the bucket of the excavator on the ground, and by putting pressure on it, manages to lift the front part of the digger.

This creates the optical illusion that the funny construction worker can seemingly lift this huge machine! If they edited the video to remove the operator from the excavator, this video would have been even more mind blowing! Nevertheless, it`s a great and funny video which we think should be shared on this website! After all, a good joke can brighten someone`s day up! Watch the video here and marvel at the superhuman “strength“ of this funny construction worker!

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