How Would You React If Batman Is Your Uber Driver? Hilarious Lamborghini Prank!

Uber is a well-known company that allows people to find transportation online! Its controversial business model has made this company extremely successful and famous among the young population! This popularity was cleverly used by youtuber Josh Paler Lin, who decided to dress up as Batman and offer people a ride! Although his online profile states he drives a Toyota Prius, he actually shows up in a Lamborghini Aventador!

Who wouldn`t want their Uber driver to appear in a beautiful Lambo! These three people were lucky enough to be a part of this great prank and had the time of their lives! Cruising around in this excellent super car is a dream for many people, and these three were fortunate to experience it in the weirdest way possible! We must say that this Lamborghini prank, featuring Batman as an Uber driver is really original and we like it a lot! We are certain you will too!

For quite some time now, pranks on Youtube have been a target of harsh criticism. Many people, in the pursuit of internet fame, do all kinds of outrageous things just to have people watch their videos. Oftentimes, such behavior results in violence and the police is getting involved too. It was quite a treat to find a great, genuinely funny and well thought prank such as this one! We applaud the creator of this video, Josh Paler Lin, about this amazing Batman and Lamborghini prank.

Who would have known that using Uber can give you an experience such as this one! We love Batman, we love Lamborghinis, and these two together are a dreamy combination! Make sure you watch this amazing Lamborghini prank with Josh Paler Lin dressed as a Batman Uber driver! The costume is great, the people part of this prank are great, and we do not need to say anything about that sweet black Lamborghini!

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