Jeff Gordon Police Chase! See Why The Police Is After Him! Only in America!

Police chases often catch our attention and make us stay a little longer in front of the TV and see what the suspect has been up to, or just simply to watch his/hers inglorious arrest. If you ask us, we simply cannot understand what going on in the heads of the people running away from the police, how they think will get away? In fact, we have shared several police chases with you on our website where we can clearly see how they end. Well, today`s pursuit is unlike the others you have seen so far.

It features one famous racing vehicle and even more famous driver! To be more precise, you are going to watch the Jeff Gordon police chase! It may sound unreal but it happened! And on top of it, this police pursuit was a braking news just the other day!

In the video below, you are going to see Jeff Gordon speeding on a highway in LA, which for Mr. Gordon is just a regular drive! At the end, it turned out that he was heading to work at FOX Studios! Yeah that`s right! Anyway, let us make this clear. The video you are about to watch is not a real police pursuit after master racecar driver Jeff Gordon. Au contraire, it is a rather interesting commercial showing that the Jeff Gordon police chase is an overture to Jeff’s future role as a part of FOX`s broadcasting team and he will be next to Mike Joy and Darrell Waltrip.

His debut is expected this year. Nevertheless, it is very interesting concept which frankly ends a bit odd, but that`s how they wanted. Namely, at the end of the pursuit the police officers say that they knew Jeff Gordon`s final destination, and all they wanted was a selfie! Regardless, the commercial is a great success and we wish Jeff good luck in his new life chapter!

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