All of you who are visiting the Musclecarszone.com now quite well that even though we love all the great and powerful rides, have an enormous respect for the skilful drivers and riders who are able to perform all kinds of breathtaking stunts, and numerous and various other things, we are strictly against doing stupid things that can be a cause for a tragedy. And out of the many, many video clips that we had all seen, with guys doing such things, the following example that you are going to see in the BACKWARDS WHEELIE video below must be at the very top!

If you could not figure out why is that only by reading the title, I will tell you in a few words and sentences. Here we have possibly the best bike rider in the world, the biggest daredevil who is operated from feeling fear, or the stupidest rider that we had ever seen caught with a camera! Or maybe the real truth is that he is probably a combination of all those three features. Because I cannot explain in any other way that thing he does, that will make you feel your neck skin crawl. I mean, we all enjoy watching a great bike wheelie, but this BACKWARDS WHEELIE is not it.

But you better check out the video and see the whole thing yourself. Afterwards, you can sound of your thoughts about it with us in the comment section below! And just so that you can get a better picture what can happen when a rider is trying to be a hotshot on the highway, go to this link.