Take A Look At This INSANE FORKLIFT OPERATOR! I’m Speechless!

I`m sure that you are aware that in order to operate a fork lifter, one really has to have an experience and a clear head. And when it comes to this daredevil, that you are going to see in the video below, I believe that there is no lack of an experience, just as I`m pretty sure that the forklift operator has got a few screws up in his head loose, to even think about doing something like this!

We have seen many guys who are doing stupid and funny things on which we are laughing our hearts out, but this one is far from funny, or to be more exact, in a sense that it could have ended up tragically. But then again, I guess that when it comes to Russians, nothing is impossible and we could expect anything!

So, this video is coming from the town of Irkutsk, in Russia, where a forklift operator is having a little problem with the logs he is trying to load. He makes two or three attempts, and after he cannot lift them up, he gets out of the machine and tries to do it manually. To be perfectly honest with you, I`m really not sure what is he trying to do, but the result could have been devastating! That is why I think that if this was not a `near death experience`, then I don`t know what is!

And because I do not want to give away too much of the `surprise`, check out the video and see this insane machinist and his ludicrous move yourself and have a few good laughs!

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