Scooter Surfboard Rack Is How Londoners Plan To Cross The Thames!

Riding a scooter was and still is one of the most convenient ways to avoid the traffic jam as much as possible. But as cities were becoming more and more populated, some people felt the need that there must be another way to help you reach your destination in the rush hour! So they started coming out with some very interesting, weird and ridiculous designs, and here we have one of them! Sadly, many of those ideas succeeded only as prototypes. In today`s video, you are going to see a Scooter Surfboard Rack with two “surfing” boards attached on each side. The point of the creators was to prove that not only modified cars are able to cross water.

The Scooter Surfboard Rack is powerful enough to carry two persons through the water. Although this invention may seem useful, the flaws are easy to notice. Pay attention to the moment when the scooter enters the water. You started laughing, right? It is clear that the man`s feet are completely wet, and the female passenger is lifting her feet up, to prevent them from getting wet too. In addition, the narrator explains that this amphibian vehicle is far away from mass production. Clearly, he is not far away from the truth.

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