BJ Baldwin Goes After Bruce The Sasquatch In His Chevy Trophy Truck!

BJ Baldwin is back with another episode of the Recoil franchise! If you thought that you had seen it all in the first two episodes of this franchise, we would tell you that you were probably mistaken! Anyway, BJ Baldwin and his Hoonigan team are back with an incredible short film where the main protagonists are BJ Baldwin himself in the role of a Sasquatch hunter and Bruce, the hunted Sasquatch! It all begins in the woods of Tacoma, Washington, where Bruce stole Baldwin`s Can-Am Maverick and ran off towards the streets of Tacoma! Of course, BJ won`t let him get away just like this, and he goes after the Sasquatch in his massive, incredibly handling, 800 horsepower Chevy Trophy Truck!

Fortunately for him, his driving is not bad as his hunting therefore he treats us with plethora of unbelievable jumps, drifts and other stunts that will definitely make your jaw drop! In addition, driving a Trophy Truck on the city streets could easily be interpreted as one of the most stunning rides ever, but it appears that it is not enough to capture the Sasquatch! In fact, Bruce steals the Chevy Trophy Truck at the end, which makes us think that this chase will have a follow up!

Regarding crazy jumps, you know that General Lee made the best of them in the automotive history. Therefore, follow this link to remind yourself of some of the best stunts this movie star has done.