Classic Honda S600 With A Massive Turbo Delivers 1,200 HP! Screaming Soundtrack On The Dragstrip!

A drag racing team consisting of father and son have converted a `69 Honda S600 into the ultimate drag racing weapon. The stock engine is gone and in its place they have somehow managed to fit a 3.2L Toyota 2JZ under the bonnet. However, they also wanted to fit a massive turbo inside but simply there wasn`t any space. So, the huge 88 mm turbo sits outside the vehicle. The tiny Honda weighs approximately 2,425 pounds and we think that weight is because of the massive engine. The owner has stated that this little Honda delivers 1,200 HP with the massive turbo delivering 32 psi.

The owner has stated that the best run with this tiny Honda is 7.7 seconds. However, driving this tiny Honda is absolutely no joke. It`s difficult to keep it going straight. The massive power the 2JZ inline-six produces easily lifts the front wheels on the car off the ground. Having said, it`s pretty hard to maintain control with this underweight Honda. To prove how difficult is driving this car on the dragstrip, you can see the driver nearly hitting the wall while one pass. Nevertheless, the driver says he drives this monstrous machine only to entertain people and have fun, not for glorious victory.

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