This 814HP Mazda 6B RX4 Is Pure Madness: Check Out This Monstrous Car’s First DYNO Power Runs!

We have one amazing video on the dyno that comes from New Zealand. We simply love the gearhead culture of Australia and New Zealand. These guys constantly succeed to capture the feel and essence of 1960`s muscle car wars. However, they also succeed to blend this feeling with insane small-displacement Japanese cars. Having said that, with literally all cars, no matter if import or domestic, they constantly manage to tune them endlessly. In this one, we got yet again another video from New Zealand that shows one insane Mazda 6b RX4 delivering some staggering results on the dyno. Yeah guys, a 6 rotary engine brought to an entirely different level.

The company behind this car is Pulse Performance Engineering. These guys are actually the best when it comes to tuning Mazda cars. In fact, they are Mazda rotary specialists. Recently, they have completed their Mazda 6B RX4 car build. So, now is the right time to strap this monster to a dyno. Upon first hearing, we can say that this insane car sounds totally evil. It delivers staggering 813 HP. It`s even more fascinating when you hear that all that power runs on pump gas! We also have to mention that this engine is naturally aspirated. We are in love with this car. Keep up the madness, guys.

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