If by any chance you are following or have seen a few races of the Australian drifting, you have probably heard the name of the multiple national drift champion, Beau Yates. In these last few years, Beau has developed a very successful drifting career and had printed his name into the history of drifting in Australia. That is why today we have decided to show you this clip of Beau Yates in hardcore drifting action.

Every good drift driver needs a great vehicle that will allow him to display his great drifting skills and win the races and awards. And for Beau, that is his awesome Toyota 2JZ 86!

And it is clear to all of us that being a drift car means that it will get abused on a regular basis, get mishandled, pushed only inches away from the breaking point, and I do not even want to start what happens in a bad day. That is why the car has to be really tough, powerful and ready to do and endure things which other cars usually do not!

As you will see it in the video below, this great Toyota 2JZ 86 that Beau Yates is driving is one hell of a drift ride that can deliver 500 HP, tuned by the Australian Insight Motorsport. It is equipped with a JE 9.5:1 pistons, Carillo conrods, Twin 45 Turbosmart Progate Hypertune manifolds, and many other things, which will mean little to you, if you do not see it in action.

So take a look at the video, and besides watching Beau and his Toyota 2JZ 86 in action, you`ll get a good glimpse under the hood, and the complete list of all important components. And for those of you who want to find out more about Beau Yates, as well as his great ride, go to this link.