Massive Supercharged Engine EXPLOSION! Glad The Driver Walked Away!

When you`re drag racing you want to make sure that you get out of the stop position fairly quickly, and that puts a lot of pressure on the engine. This is why people supercharge their engines but it`s not all fun and games! Sometimes, the rugged machinery can`t take it and that`s what happened to this supercharged engine. As the driver slams his foot on the gas and passes the first few hundred feet, his fully altered car gets too much pressure and flames shoot out of the rear part of the block! I mean I know drag racing engines are powerful, but this one overdoes it by just a little bit.

Too bad for the car though, it looks like it can really burn some asphalt. The good thing is that we got a full view of the entire thing through the GoPro on the front of it. It takes a few seconds for the driver to recuperate from the flames and realize he`s heading right for the wall, but then he steers clear and stops. The crew takes the supercharged engine out and drenches it in water, making sure that it doesn`t hurt anyone. Just goes to show you have to be careful with these things.

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