Old School Drag Racing Spectacle! 1955 Chevy BEL AIR vs 1970 Chevy CAMARO!

Street racing is the utmost passion for many gearheads around the world. You also need to keep in mind that street racing is staying for a long time to come. In this one, we take a trip back in time, a flash of the early days of street racing. These two classic cars involved will stir a lot of nostalgia for all of you who were there when first these cars started rumbling into the streets. The cars we are talking about are a 1955 Chevy Bel Air and a 1970 big block Camaro! Unfortunately, we can`t really say when this video was exactly filmed.

Nevertheless, it delivers one awesome insight about how street racing was back then. You can see one insane old school street racing spectacle as the classic pair of Chevys is preparing at the red light. They are warming up for an awesome contest of speed. You will wait with huge anticipation for the lights to go green. We can`t really condone blasting along on a populated city street. However, everything goes smoothly here. At the end, this race definitely delivers a winner. The 1955 Bel Air managed to barely defeat the 1970 Big Block Camaro. However, we think the Camaro couldn`t find enough grip at the start.

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