This NISSAN GT R R34 Accelerates As Fast As A WARPLANE! View From The Passenger Seat! BRUTAL SOUND!

Driving your car even to the nearest point presents a real delight for every gearhead. In fact, each moment spent in your favorite vehicle, no matter where are you headed, is always worth. Moreover, building a car is like building a home. You spend so much time and energy in all that process, and at the end when you get in and go for a ride, it feels like you are at home. Also, the anticipation during the whole procedure makes the satisfaction greater when all finishes. But the finish (of the building) means a new beginning. Feel free to correct us if we are wrong. Today`s video features one Nissan GT-R R34 that has been carefully built and brought to the level you are about to see. Better buckle up, because you will feel need to grab the chair you are sitting on just by watching! We did that! So try to imagine how is it like to be in this particular vehicle. Or even better driving it! Pay close attention to the dashboard i.e. the speedometer among other things. Notice the movement speed of the gauge dart! That`s insane! It reached speed of 105 mph! So, now you have an idea of how fast this car accelerates and the top speed it has! What a fantastic Nissan GT R R34 build!

To be fair, the Nissan GT R R34 is super-fast even stock! When stock, it has a twin turbo 2.6 L engine and a totally newer chassis than the R33! The GT 34 compared to the GT 33 has a 50% harder body structure and a bit shorter than the GT 33 as well. Nissan advertised this car as a car that delivers 280HP! Which is a lot! However, what you see here is no stock! We don`t know what this guy did. But, by modifying the engine`s camshafts and valve timing it can be made to produce more than 320 HP!

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