REPAIR CHAIR Tool For Auto Mechanics Called HUMAN HOIST!

Being a mechanic is not a simple job at all. Dealing with all those different parts day and night requires a lot of knowledge. On the other hand, this job needs physical endurance as well. In other words, mechanics have to stay in a certain position for a longer period of time, hold their arms up, keep going up and down etc. But we believe the device that will bring an end to the body suffering is right here! Dear mechanics, we would like to present you the Human Hoist by Sr. Engineering!

So far, this is the best tool we have ever seen! It is created to take you up and down effortlessly and gives you the possibility to lean back as well! This means that it is completely automatic! You can find the controls at the adaptable control handles. Additionally, it is powered by two separate 18 volt batteries that can be recharged. The frame of the Human Hoist lays on three castor wheels that allow total mobility, and while it goes up and down it can stop in any position! Its creators have also thought of your tools, hence they have added metal tool trays on the side! No more “where I left my wrench” kind of problems!

For more information about this product, follow this link and visit the official website!