800+ HP NISSAN R34 GTR 2 Leaves BLACK MARKS On The Track!

Nissan GTR R34 was simply made to be a popular car. Its appearance in 1999 made a real boom in the automotive world. Car enthusiasts lost their minds, auto tuners were using every opportunity to have one in their garage and upgrade it. Therefore, its role in the Fast and Furious franchise is definitely not a coincidence. After just several years of production, the Japanese automaker stopped rolling this vehicle out of the production line. But that didn`t discourage the people who were interested in this car. In fact, this vehicle gained even more popularity! Anyhow, in the video below you are going to see one truly exceptional exemplar of the aforementioned vehicle. More precisely, it is a word of the Nissan R34 GTR 2.

You better adjust your sound devices because we don`t want to be responsible for any possible damage! Today`s recording presents one fraction of this automobile`s participation at the Powercruise event in Sydney, Australia! Nevertheless, the footage below is quite short, but it`s long enough to tell even more than all of our writing here. Press play and see it for yourself.

At last, click here to watch one crazy Nissan Skyline R34 in action. This thing is coming straight out of hell. Don`t miss the massive drifts and burnouts!