Nissan GTR R34 Car Called As “The King of AERODYNAMICS”!

In this video you have a rare opportunity to see a real aerodynamic monster. When the drift races were popular all over Japan, the car owners made their vehicles similar to this one. They knew for sure what they are doing, because in drift races it is everything about stability. This Nissan GT-R R34 car has enhanced aerodynamics thanks to the additional parts that it has, referring to the parts under the bumpers. The hood and the spoiler are stories for themselves. No need to waste any of your precious time to talk about them. Clearly, this car is designed for winning races.

Moreover, this Skyline has one more modification. That is the exhaust pipe, which is located at the middle of the rear end, whereas the original exhaust is on the left side. When you see this beauty approaching the camera, you get the feeling like it is going to go up any second, if it goes fast enough. Another great thing about this car here is the paintjob. Simple, but it tells a lot. White car with red rims looks awesome! This R34 car also reminds us of the Japanese flag.