R34 GTR Dyno Test – Future Racing!!! Check It Out NOW!

Are you ready to see another GREAT DYNO test? We have a Nissan Skyline R34 GTR dyno test!!! The proud owner of this INCREDIBLE BEAST is Ali Al Sulaimi from Oman! Please, do not get confused when you see that this R34 is a left hand drive! Many just assume that it makes it`s a GTT, which is not true! However, we understand why someone would get confused. The Nissan Skyline GTR R34 was produced ONLY as a right hand model! However, you can simply disable the front shift and it is all over! Ali Al Sulaimi did this because the DYNO is not able to support the 4WD system!

Also, there are some countries in the World that have prohibited right hand driving, such as Dubai for example! Apropos, you get a left hand driving GTR R34! Simply everything on this car is awesome, the sound of the engine, the looks… simply EVERYTHING! After all, it is for its own good to do well on this dyno, since it is getting ready to race in the future! Well, we did not have a favorite street racer from Oman, but now we do! His name is Ali Al Sulaimi! Once again, amazing R34 GTR dyno test!

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