Stock Nissan 300ZX Is A Real Drag Monster Straight Outta Assembly Line!

Yes, we do get to see some totally insane and incredibly fast drag monsters very often, and I do not have to tell you that rare are the ones that has not been modified and tuned. Those of you who follow us on regular basis, probably remember the stock turbo Nissan GTR R35 that managed to crack the 9 second barrier, which is really impressive, everyone should admit that. And because it is always a pleasure to watch cars with stock motors that are running fast as hell, today we have decided to show you one stock Nissan 300ZX -- one awesome and utterly fast drag monster that is also making a Quarter-Mile pass under ten seconds.

And once more, the car that is able to do this amazing result is coming from the brotherhood of the Nissan. This Nissan 300ZX with a stock engine under the hood is blasting away on the strip like mad. Its owner and driver managed to set a new world record with his awesome stock Nissan 300ZX car – 9.69 seconds at 139 mph! How about that?!

This awesome Nissan 300ZX is equipped with a HX52 Turbo, mated to a TH400 Automatic transmission, that is giving a total output to 700 HP. So check out the video and watch this awesome drag strip performance, and if you want to find out more about the Nissan 300ZX, go to this link.