Meet with BANE – 900HP Nissan 300ZX – The Biggest Villain on the Streets!

Now this is something that you do not see everyday on the streets in the city, as it often happens with every villain out there in the world. But this one is something really special and extraordinary -- Nissan 300 ZX with monster engine under the hood that generates astonishing 900HP. We are sure that you are aware that seeing a clean 300 ZX on the streets these days has become very rare opportunity. And even in those rare moments when it happens to stumble upon one of it, usually it is nearly stock. But life is good and interesting because from time to time it gives us pleasant surprises, and this is one of those. Get ready to see the incredible 900hp Nissan 300ZX that looks like it has been taken out of a comic book!

On the mean streets of Texas, one of the meanest Nissans ever built and constructed is setting up new rules. There is no place for the weak and unfitted, only for villains, and this Nissan Turbo ZX 900 HP in silver outfit called Bane, is `sitting` on the very top at this year`s TX2k event. Its name is perfectly suited to its character (one of the Batman`s toughest opponents), and these `Stangs, Vettes and Evos felt it first hand, down on the streets of Texas. Take a look. The beauty of this 900hp Nissan 300ZX is overwhelming! Not only does it look good, it is also fast! Bane has a 3.0 L V6 engine which makes it a potent racer! It is shown racing a few other opponents on the highway, and the races are INCREDIBLE! In its first race, Bane races a 960hp Vette and a 800hp GT500! We will leave it to you to watch the video and see just how good this amazing 900HP Nissan 300ZX is!

At last, take a look at the Japanese beast as it drag races German`s finest Mercedes AMG GT!

Enjoy the video below!

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