2 CORVETTE C7 Cars With 10 Second Passes! A Match Made in HEAVEN!

Wow! It has been a while since I have seen such a nice and attractive pair of supercars (and I see a lot of them on daily bases), like these 2 Corvette C7s that you are about to see in the following video clip that we have prepared for you in today`s article. Just so that you do not get a wrong impression, I will tell you from the start that we are not going to watch them battling each other on the drag strip, but in two separate races, with other opponents. But the fact that we have two same models of Corvette that are achieving very much identical results, is simply awesome and a sight that you do not get to see very often.

Both of these 2 Corvette C7 examples are coming from Texas, from LMR in Houston, but unfortunately, the only thing from the specs list that we know about them, is that both of these beauties have cam shafts and nitrous.

The author of the video did not bother himself at all, to tell us at least something about the motor, the horse and torque power, except the obvious thing, that they are insanely loud.

But nevertheless, that should not and cannot stop us from fully enjoying both drag races, in which the first Corvette C7 is achieving a result of 10.07 seconds at 133.28 mph, and the second `Vette`s result is 10.48 seconds at 133.29 mph! How about that?! Pretty awesome and fascinating, don`t you think so? Check it out!

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