VETTES Just Wanna Have Fun! Corvette vs Corvette BATTLE!

From the very moment when the first Corvette came out of the assembly line in 1953, every sports car aficionado, starting from the childhood, got one more dream in his life, hoping that some day he will become an owner of one of the many models of America`s premier sports car. Thanks to that little fire starter, many kids had grown up and managed to fulfill their dream and convert it into reality, becoming proud owners of Chevy Corvette – the glory and joy of the American dream. But when you come to think about it, it won`t be a mistake if we say that we are all still children in our hearts. The main difference is that we are doing it in a little bit different way, fulfilling those dreams by doing the things we only use to imagine. And one true Corvette fan and owner, does not really need much to become motivated to show off the real character of his awesome machine. But isn’t it crazy to witness a Corvette vs Corvette race?

Thus, we have prepared you an interesting video clip, in which you will see two `Vettes, having a little bit of fun, somewhere in the woodlands. I would say that it only comes natural, when you are sitting in an awesome sports car like one of these two, and you are waiting for the green light. Anyway the safety is on the first place, so please drive safely and respect the law for the good of everyone! Corvette vs Corvette!