2000 Corvette Looks Brand New With 650.000 MILES!

Let`s talk reliability – name one car that can look like a brand new sports vehicle, with all that comes with it, and still has 650K miles on its mileage! Such example is the 2000 Corvette that we are about to present! The next video you are about to see is going to leave you speechless and will make you want to find the owner to congratulate him yourself!

If 650 000 miles don`t sound that much to you let us just inform you how much it is! That would mean you have been traveling from Miami to Seattle 216 times by car – or should we say – by Corvette!

This really says a lot about the caring owner who maintains his ride properly. He managed to make it look like it has never been out of the garage. You would not even imagine that it has such history on its mileage! So, what are you waiting for? These kind of stuff cannot be read, you need to see them and visualize them! Check out the shining red paint, and the strong black tires! Maintaining a car is not simple, but a true car lover finds no excuse in it!

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