Koenigsegg CAMLESS Engine! SEE How It Works NOW!

CAMLESS Engine? Since the industrial revolution, technology has been constantly evolving. Now, we live in the current technological heyday, or in other words we are seeing the future now. Well, the video we have prepared for you today, brings you the future today.

Koenigsegg CAMLESS Engine 2

Namely, the following video features the FIRST ever camless engine. Before explaining something more about this engine we should mention that the engine in the video is computer generated. Nevertheless, this revolutionary engine comes all the way from Sweden. It is a product of Freevalve, a branch of the famous Swedish supercar producer Koenigsegg.

This concept engine is supposed to increase both low and torque as well as power and on the other hand to decrease the fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. As we mentioned, this engine has no camshafts but utilizes pneumatic valve actuators which are electronically controlled and driven by air pressure or springs which regulate the work of each valve.

More importantly, each valve works individually, which isn`t the case with the current engines. With this, the deactivation of the cylinders is also an option. This system allows complete control of valve lift as well as timing, uses valve position sensors made by Freevalve. These sensors give accurate information about the position of the valve in 1/10mm in real time.

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