Koenigsegg AGERA RS Car Is Homologated For The States!

The seventh example of the new Koenigsegg Agera RS car is in the process of building by Koenigsigg and it will be destined for customer right here in the US! In fact, the very first example of the automaker`s latest supercar will be certified to the US specifications!

koenigsegg agera geneva cover

keonigsegg agera geneva 6

keonigsegg agera geneva 4

And when all that is done, the BEAST will be one of the best, the fastest automobiles to run the American streets! The Agera RS is a step ahead of the predecessors Agera R and Agera S with its` powerful engine reaching 1.160 Horsepower! Enjoy the gallery below! Cheers!

Finally, check out the official website for more!

keonigsegg agera geneva 7