We have already written several articles describing the irreplaceable Devel Sixteen and its successor as well, therefore we won`t spend much time and we`ll get straight to the point. So far, we have seen this vehicle standing in place and some ciphers as well. However, it is time for something more. It is time to witness the immense mightiness with a DEVEL SIXTEEN DYNO. More precisely, the machine located in the back of this hyper automobile.

Here you are about to watch how this huge engine is going to perform DEVEL SIXTEEN dyno test and also hear the awesome sounds it creates. This test, showed that the 12.3 liter V16 81mm Quad-turbo sixteen-cylinder one billet block engine was able to produce 4515 horsepower at 6900 RPM. Also, we must not omit the other components of the engine – there are 32 titanium valves, Devel 16 cylinder heads, a billet cam shaft and a crank shaft too. However, we all know that this machine is capable of reaching 5000 HP, but what happened now? The thing is that the dynamometer cannot endure the full amount of power this engine holds! In addition, this mighty engine also delivered 3519 lb-ft of torque as well. Both, torque and horsepower, are at 36psi of boost. On a daily use, this machine produces 3002 horsepower and 2407 lb-ft of torque. Unbelievable!

Finally, follow this link to watch 4 videos of the new Devel 16 model with 6,000 Horsepower! No wonder why it costs $1.3 million!