Hey there guys, how`ve you been? We ran through some materials and decided to share this one with you! As you all know, every driver has his pride for his ride. Whether it`s a new small block engine or some new tires, you like that little touch of yours. Well, this guy did something different that is rarely seen on cars – Clear Valve Covers! And we must say that this is more than just a show piece. Not only that it is cool as you clearly watch them do their job, it is also good for racers to easily identify a problem when it occurs!

Many think that the plastic covers are dangerous and that it can easily melt. If that was you opinion as well, change it! Actually, plastic is the best material for this purpose, even better than aluminum! Of course, Clear Valve Covers have been present for a long time in human`s history, but never had its` “boom”! If you want to see this cool engine with Clear Valve Covers, so you can see the valves work, go to the video below the text and enjoy!

Wondering why every car should come with Clear Valve Covers?! Follow this link to get the answer!