2500 HP 1967 CHEVROLET NOVA – The Hulk Proves Its Nickname!

The moment you see this car in motion, you will immediately realize why they call it `The Hulk`. With 2500 horsepower below the bonnet, this 1967 Chevrolet Nova weights around 3,550 lbs with the driver in it, it has a candy green apple paint and produces some heavy sound, meaning that the name is justified and you should be scared!

It is fully painted, having no wraps or anything similar on it. On top of that, it is made of steel, making it just as strong as the superhero it gets its name from. Under the hood, however, is where you see this car`s true character. It has a 632ci motor alongside 88mm turbos. The turbochargers deliver 22 lbs of boost, making it a real beast on the tracks.

Its driver had set the goal to reach 200 mph in six seconds, but despite giving his best to do so, failed on a few occasions. Four months after filming this video he actually DID achieve his goal, reaching 203 mph, but only partially because it took him just seven seconds in on the track in Las Vegas. Nevertheless, he has enough time to prepare and realize his goal. 2016 could be a great year for this ferocious 1967 Chevrolet Nova aka The Hulk.

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