1077HP & Magnificent Cummins Sounds Are Waiting For You!

One of the many places where men feel like in heaven is certainly the garage. It gets even better if a competition is taking place in a garage! So we decided to present you a Cummins sounds video with these two components included! These people you are about to see are gathered for the title of quickest street legal diesel truck. You are probably guessing, it is a word of the 2015 Diesel Power Challenge, held once again in Colorado.

The first part of the competition was to see which diesel vehicle makes most power as well as torque on the dyno run. The Cummins sounds video you are about to see shows Lavon Miller`s (last year`s winner) 2004 Dodge Ram 3500. He is competing with a 5.9 liter CUMMINS I-6 engine that made 1077 horsepower and 2284 lb-ft of torque, making him a back-to-back champion! Moreover, this vehicle has custom NO2 system as well as custom intake and custom 5 inch exhaust! But more important to mention are the Engineered Diesel S366/S484 turbo compounds which you are going to look at most of the time! Get ready for show time!

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