World’s FASTEST HONDA S2000 Just Joined The 7 Seconds Club!

When we just think about all the crazy things we`ve seen here! We have seen just about everything, from cars getting all vertical doing wheelies to crazy bike stunts! However, if someone were to tell us that we are about to see the fastest Honda S2000 that will be so close entering the 6 second world, we would probably accuse him or her of being mad!

But we have to admit that the day has come and indeed, an S2000 Honda, broke its` class record and passed the 1/4 mile in incredible 7.17 seconds!!!

What`s even sicker is that the HONDA actually had the factory motor, the 2.2 liter F22C 4-cylinder underneath the hood! This fantastic machine broke the record with a top speed of 192.92 miles per hour while getting itself in the hot shots` company! The car went to a DYNO test before, where it marked incredible results – 1330 HP @ 36 PSI!

The moment that board showed the results the crew went wild, and why wouldn`t day?! They now have the WORLD`S FASTEST HONDA S2000! So what was that again? Hondas aren`t fast enough, huh?! Check it out!

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