Now here is something that deserves the attention of every Gearhead, regardless of his personal preferences of which type of vehicle he like most – a classic Detroit muscle, jaw-dropping import, powerful pickup truck, you name it. Because, as you could have read in the title, today you are going to see the moment when the Daredevil named Gregg Godfrey, broke the existing world record of the longest semi truck jump, by performing whooping 166 feet in the air with his big and powerful machine.

We have all seen numerous videos of long jumps performed with (mostly) motorcycles, American muscle cars, all kinds of customized buggies, and of course, trucks. But are not many more things that can be called truly American, than performing an outstanding and long jump with a semi-truck in front of a crowd of people, pumped up by the adrenaline rush!

And that is exactly what our daredevil Gregg Godfrey has done, smashing the previous world record for the longest semi truck jump, by jumping incredible 166 feet in the air, and turning the atmosphere into a real volcano, on that day in Butte, Montana, during the Evel Knievel Days, extreme sports fest.

But it is one thing to talk about it and completely another to see it happening. So just check out the video below and treat yourself with a proper dose of adrenaline rush by watching this outstanding performance!

And if you want to see another thrilling and suspenseful semi-truck stunt performance, go to this link.