Tesla Autopilot Predicts Highway Accident!

Tesla Autopilot Predicts Highway Accident!

Horrible Highway Accident 6

Even though it is one of the newest car manufacturers, Tesla has gained praise among the car enthusiasts. Their cars are remarkably high tech, and one feature that makes them stand out is their autopilot. There are many that disagree with the autopilot and think that it is unsafe, however this video is here to prove the opposite. Thanks to the autopilot, this driver was lucky enough to avoid being part of a horrible highway accident that happened right before his eyes.

This happened on a highway in the Netherlands, and luckily there were no casualties in this terrible accident.

This video starts with the Tesla being driven on the highway. After a few seconds, the car starts to beep. Right after it stopped beeping, a horrible highway accident happens in front of the Tesla.

A red car hits a black SUV that was breaking up front. The hit was strong enough to flip the SUV upside down! Luckily, the other cars reacted well and on time and this prevented a bigger disaster.

Also, there were no fatal injuries and other drivers stopped to help the injured. Thanks to the car autopilot, the person driving the Tesla managed to avoid the crash. Take a look how quickly the autopilot reacted in the video below! What do you think how this Tesla Predicts Highway Accident?

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