Did You Know These 7 Netherlands Facts?! Future is NOW? Thoughts?

Don`t know if you have been abroad or visited Europe. But if you did and never visited the Netherlands, you made a huge mistake! Not only is it famous for all the freedom it offers as the capital is often named as the City of freedom, but the country marches towards a bright future with all the progressive policies their Government implements. That is why it is necessary to check out these 7 Netherlands facts, to see what an organized and progressive country should look like. Who knows, maybe it`ll give us ideas?

For starters, there are no stray dogs in Netherlands nor are there any homeless animals of any kind. As number two, Netherlands is the home of the first solar bike lane in the world. The country is so environmentally friendly, that there is even a town where no one drives a car. Every citizen travels by foot or bike! The Netherlands facts also imply that the country will soon be the home of electric cars only, as diesel and petrol cars will be banned by 2025! For that, there is an electric outlet charger every 50 meters. This and many more Netherlands facts in the video below – check it!

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