5 TRUCK Modification MISTAKES Made By Most Truck Owners! Which One Is Getting On Your Nerves?!

Back in the day, pick-up trucks weren`t as appreciated as they are nowadays. People were mostly using them for basic usage around the farm or the neighborhood. However, over the recent years the situation has dramatically changed! In fact, the pick-up trucks are more popular than ever!

But, it is well known that when a trend arises, it is virtually impossible to be mistakenly interpreted by certain people. Therefore, we would like to share a video with you presenting the 5 truck modification mistakes that most truck owners make these days, presented by Car Throttle.

TOP 5 TRUCK Modification MISTAKES Made By Most Truck Owners!

This video clip begins with explanation regarding the huge lifts and how this modification affects the power of the truck. Next are the big wheels that, according to the narrator, literally suck the horsepower from your vehicle. Afterwards, he says that the off-road tires are vital when driving on dirt road. However, you should not mix the good off-road tires and the massive tractor tires!

After that, he mentions that the straight-pipe exhausts reduce the power and MPG. Lastly, probably the most famous among these 5 modification mistakes – the rolling coal. But no matter how awesome this may mod may look, it still damages the truck by carrying soot directly into the engine oil, creates surplus carbon in the valve train as well as reduces the MPG efficiency.

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