GLASS RIMS?! 20+ Inch Clear Wheels & AIR SUSPENSION System!

We have all been witnesses to fights all over the Internet that happened mainly because people`s taste. Honestly, we find them ridiculous, but fun to watch and read too! Great deal of persons still do not get it that taste is a personal matter and they are still trying to convince others to like/believe what they like/believe! Isn`t that a little bit too much? If somebody does not like what you like, let them do their own business! Anyway, the reason for this short introduction is the content of the video we have prepared for you today, which has triggered an avalanche of (mostly negative) comments. Anyway, we are here for this extremely lifted car with 20+ Inch Clear Wheels & AIR SUSPENSION System!

Therefore, we decided to share it with you in order to find out your thoughts. Hope that you won`t hesitate expressing yourself! Anyhow, the video you are about to watch presents an automobile lifted way above the ground due to the air bag suspension it has! This is the main reason for all the comments!

But nobody said anything about the engine sound. We surely do give credit for that! In addition, this vehicle has 20+” clear wheels that just add to the overall appearance! Finally, just to make things clear, we stay neutral regarding the exterior of this vehicle, we are looking forward to hear from you! What do you think of the AIR SUSPENSION System?

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