2015 VAYDOR SUPERCAR and People’s Reactions!

Everybody knows that attractive cars attract a lot of attention from people! Actually owning a SUPERCAR like this one is a HUGE responsibility as it will make you almost famous! What we are talking about here is the 2015 VAYDOR SUPERCAR, which is the car used in the new movie “SUICIDE SQUAD” as JOKER`S car. So, if it was COOL ENOUGH to be Joker`s car, imagine what it is for a regular guy! Well, that`s what we want to show you actually. This video, is long enough to give you all perspectives regarding the vehicle. Personal presentation, people`s reaction and a POV test!

So let us start! The video has the ONLY VAYDOR (out of 3), that includes EVERYTHING that comes with it! And we are talking POWER SIDE MIRRORS that are being indexed when opening and closing, the INTERIOR is Italian made costing $10.000, moreover, it has a 6 speed manual and KEYLESS entry! So, if you want to know, what it is like to be Joker, or simply an owner of such a BEAST, now is your chance! Check out the video, below, make yourself comfortable and enjoy!

Finally, visit this link to see the most expensive supercars in the World! Number one has a price tag of $52 MILLION! WOW!