ECCENTRIC Royal Dubai Lambo! The 2015 Real Madrid Lamborghini!

You know that Dubai is a place where one can find all kinds of things that cannot be seen in other places in the world. We have shown you numerous times the eccentric lifestyle of the very rich resident of this city. And today we are going to show you one unusually decorated and ornamented model of a Lamborghini that is coming from Dubai, something that we do not have a chance to see in the United States very often. Behold the Real Madrid Lamborghini.

As most of you are probably aware, soccer (or football, as it is known to the rest of the world) is the most popular sport outside the United States and Canada (probably Australia also), and the people all over the world are going mad about this sport. And that is the whole thing about this `Football Lamborghini`, which belongs to a rich fellow from Dubai, who turns out to be a passionate fan of the most popular soccer team in the world, the Spanish FC Real Madrid. So this guy has decided to ornament and decorate his jaw-dropping Lambo with the symbols of this very popular club, writing the club`s name and the titles, in honor of Real Madrid`s last year`s win of the 10th Champion League`s title (the biggest soccer competition in the world).

And that is how this great Lamborghini became a Madridista and started becoming famous throughout the world, thanks to his owner`s choice for decoration. Check it out and see the Real Madrid Lamborghini, and if you want to see other, even stranger models of supercars from all over the world, click here.