Welcome to another episode of ROADKILL! The well-known car adventure show hosted by David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan. They have recorded pretty interesting episodes so far, and this one is not bad either! For this episode they have prepared something different than we are used to see from this crew. The two hosts wanted to surprise each other by choosing stuff without knowing what they are up to. One of them is supposed to pick the road trip and the other the car for the trip. Again, they don`t know what the other one is going to do! But they have both done their job successfully! What do you think -- who will get the 1980 lowrider?

Mike Finnegan was supposed to choose the route and as his co-host predicted he chose an off-road trip. David Freiburger was in charge of picking the car. He had plenty vehicles to choose from including big SUVs, vans etc. But the automobile that caught his eye was a 1980 lowrider Chevy Monte Carlo with a massive 3.8 liter Buick V6 engine that can actually move forward! That is possible because the driveshaft is squeezing in the transmission when the rear end comes forward. Awesome! Also, this car built is able to drive on 3 wheels! Wait no more and see this hydraulic old timer in the dessert!

At last, click here if you want to witness another amazing Chevy Monte Carlo on 28″ wheels.