The V8 SUVs event you have the chance to enjoy, takes place in the middle of the desert, in the beautiful Liwa Oasis near Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates. The fact that it happens at night in a desert makes it even more exciting to watch, regarding that it is hard to climb the dunes with sand like flour. But that doesn`t concern anyone!

There are several moments in the video, where we see flames coming out from the engines all the time. That`s PURE POWER demonstration. However, the fire spitting engines weren`t a cool sight for some drivers when their engines went up in flames! Those moments send shivers down the spine. But thanks to the fire department, there wasn`t any major accident except the fact that the engines can probably go straight into the dumpster. Furthermore, the drivers are competing in two categories. The first one is V8 SUVs category where all V8 and all gear cases allowed, whereas the second LS V8 where only LS engines and manual gear cases are permitted. On top of that, the amount of HP delivered by the engines participating goes from around 2500 (nitrous engines) to around 3600 (compressor engines).

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