Two Extremists CLIMB THE SHANGHAI TOWER (650m) With PURE MUSCLES! ASTONISHING Tower Climbing Video!

What would you say if someone told you that you have to climb the second tallest building in the World! We suppose you would consider him a fool! But check out these two adrenaline junkies from Russia. They are the glorious Vadim Makhorov and Vitaly Raskalov! Believe it or not, these two extremists are going to do it in front of the public eye!  You will experience a real vertigo after watching this tower climbing video!

This is not their first time to astonish us with their “wild” spirit but this tower climbing video has taken the biscuit! What makes this even more exciting is the fact that they do not use any gadgets in order to complete this task! No ropes, no climbing boots -- only pure muscles and a camera! These guys spent 2 hours ascending the tower! After reaching the top, bad weather was in store! Because of this, they couldn`t start to descend right away! Instead, they were forced to camp on top for 18 hours while waiting for better weather!

Just for the record, this tower valued on $4.2 BILLION DOLLARS is 2,073 feet tall. The only tower in the world that is taller than the Shanghai Tower is the Dubai`s Burj Khalifa! Yes, that’s right! Things seem a little different now, huh? Moreover, their passion made millions of people to watch this powerful tower climbing video and sort of becoming adrenalin junkies themselves! Many say that this footage made their hearts go pounding as never before! It is really hard to understand these young men, but they are old enough to take care for themselves! So, hesitate no more, click on the video bellow and experience the adrenalin rush yourself!

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